Design Studio Displays – Top 7 Reasons to Use Premier Woodworking!

Your Design Studio Displays – Top 7 Reasons to use Premier Woodworking, LLCĀ 

1. We understand our detailed drawings and are familiar with all the display components, display product samples and materials listed with-in each drawing.

2. We understand the sample material size, weight and have knowledge of the hardware, glides, slides and pulls required will support the weight and size of each product.

3. We understand the products that go inside each display and will coordinate samples insuring deadlines and to avoiding costly delays.

4. We have built over 50 design studios and have delivered and installed them throughout the United States and Canada.

5. We build the displays and complete them in our shop. Then, disassemble them into sections for easy transport and installation.

6. We use skilled labor! Our carpenters all have at least ten years of experience in crafting custom fixtures, custom displays and commercial products.

7. We field measure and evaluate your door sizes, elevators, stairs, corridors and parking areas to insure the fastest installation with the least amount of disruption possible.

At Premier Woodworking, LLC we treat each project as a top priority. Call (732) 836-0988 to discuss your next design studio project.

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